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Smart IoT Q&A: Salwa Rafee, Vice President, Global Development – H-ISAC

Fri 7 Feb 2020 | Salwa Rafee

Q&A with Salwa Rafee, healthcare, IT and cyber security expert and Vice President at H-ISAC

What are you expecting to see at Smart IoT this year?

New innovations on IoT and connected devices in healthcare, and how the NHS system is using this technology in the UK.

Which particular areas do you think are developing the most quickly and why?

I see amazing advancement in medical devices and the internet of medical things, as well as security concerns with the 5G technology that will change speed and scale of their deployment.

Thinking about Smart cities, where do you see opportunities for private & public sector cooperation?

HUGE opportunities for public/private partnerships, as governments and regulators will reach out to the corporate world and organizations to regulate the use of IoT and smarter buildings / cities / hospitals and provide adoption models, encourage research and advocate for security & privacy of citizens.

Do you see the IoT industry sector fragmenting into verticals?

Definitely, in all major verticals such as healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, construction, utilities, media and all kinds of automation.

Salwa Rafee - Vice President, Global Development, H-ISAC

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Salwa Rafee

Vice President, Global Development


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