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Q+A: The next-gen tech transforming DCIM

Mon 11 Feb 2019 | Jeff Klaus

New features leveraging DevOps, AI and data science offer companies unmatched visibility into infrastructure performance before, during and after each modernisation step, says Jeff Klaus, GM of Intel Data Center Management Solutions

How are DevOps, AI and data science transforming data centre management?

Data science has created a new understanding that the data we have is more valuable then we previously assumed. Current thinking supports that we can use new tools like AI and processes like DevOps to derive that value from raw data — where in the past it was too hard or demanded too much effort. From this new perspective, data centre managers are now being asked to identify new KPIs and have a plan for implementing them faster in a more collaborative team structure.

With this refreshed strategy in place, the majority of IT managers are centred on modernisation efforts in order to meet the expanding needs of consumers — often taking the form of cloud migration, the addition of server nodes or general system upgrades.

New features leveraging DevOps, AI and data science offer companies unmatched visibility into infrastructure performance before, during and after each modernisation step, allowing a true understanding of the impact each improvement has made and where there is still room to improve.

How does a facility go about implementing this type of technology? What are the key steps and considerations?

Implementation varies depending on each facility, but most companies already have access to these advanced technologies. In fact, according to our recent survey findings, 78 percent of teams are starting to use AI-driven features currently offered by their data centre management tools. In order to leverage these capabilities to the fullest extent, data centre teams must work to fully understand the untapped potential of these features. For those not yet utilising a data centre solution, finding a partner that offers a flexible platform and a steady pipeline of innovative updates will be a key part of adopting these technologies.

Are the results currently justifying the investment?

Absolutely. While there may be an upfront cost associated with bringing on these new technologies, the results regularly justify the investment. We work with a variety of clients to leverage new features in order to improve consumption metrics, optimise remote server control and eliminate unnecessary spending, and have seen projected savings reach upwards of a million dollars over a five-year period.

Does the trend towards next-generation technologies signify a transformation of the employees who comprise your average data centre?

There’s no doubt the industry’s workforce is changing, but the transformation we are currently seeing is more likely aligned with a natural shift towards what’s next for business. Working with companies around the globe, the most consistent challenge we see businesses trying to overcome is how to reach an increasing number of users with a more reliable system at a reasonable cost. Data centre management tools that leverage the latest in AI, DevOps and data science are key to delivering this in a long-term, sustainable way.

Are data centre operators re-staffing and re-skilling accordingly?

Educating teams on how to leverage next-generation technology will be a key component of its success, but re-staffing will not likely be necessary. Given the right data centre management partner and effective training, IT teams should be able to leverage these technologies with a simple onboarding process.

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