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Q&A: Mike Goodwin previews the 2021 Data Centre World awards

Thu 1 Oct 2020

Data Centre World London recently announced it would be hosting its first-ever awards ceremony next March. We spoke with Mike Goodwin, partner at UK design and build company Dunwoody, which is supporting next year’s ceremony, to learn what attendees can expect from the event

Dunwoody has been supporting DCW for many years, why have you decided to do something different this year and help develop the event’s first-ever awards ceremony?

Over the years the products and the audience have matured. The original concept, to demonstrate Best Practice through operating in situ plant and components needed to develop. Along with DCW attracting greater European audiences, the original concept is no longer appropriate. The concept always sought to show best practices. Now that is to be highlighted through the awards and showcase arena.

What areas of the data centre industry will the awards focus on?

The awards aim to capture all elements from Developer / Operators to manufacturing of components.

Mike Goodwin, Partner, Dunwoody

What has been the response from the industry so far?

The response to date has been extremely good –  more applicants are welcome and we are trying to encourage a wider range of small companies to submit.

What can attendees expect from the event and why should they attend?

The attendee to the showcase can expect to see Best Practice in a fully demonstrated example/product. This becomes a centre for information exchange and a learning experience.

What is the process for judging the awards and can you reveal who will be on the panel?

The process has been tabled and is evident in the submissions information. The panel will evaluate the applications against the submitted standard. The panel has been published and includes a wide range of participants that reflects all who contribute to the data centre industry.

Which award are you personally most excited about?

I am excited by all of the awards, everyone has the potential to improve change, this way we go forward. As a Consultant Engineer, I look forward to those that require us to rethink solutions.

Can we expect any surprises?

Yes we can expect surprises. Some applications may be demonstrations of an  improved existing solution but some will leave us to think of new ways going forward.

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