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Are you at risk from data manipulation attacks?

A common assumption about cyber attacks is that they’re all about theft. But that’s not always the case, as data manipulation attacks illustrate. This type of attack is where cyber criminals access the target system and make undetected changes to data in order to elicit some form of gain, but without any outright theft taking place. Sometimes referred to as “the hack you might not notice”, they have the potential to cause immense damage. 

Do smartwatches pose a cyber security risk?

How long until a compromised smartwatch brings down a company’s cyber defences? According to cyber security expert Chester Avey, the clock is ticking.

Cyber Security Awareness Month: With more risk, comes greater responsibility

Cybercrime is getting smarter and data is growing in value. So, as cyber-attacks become more sophisticated, businesses need to rise to the challenge and protect their digital operations. This October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which aims to draw attention to the threats that are putting businesses, and individuals, at risk. To highlight the importance of this awareness month, Techerati spoke with seven industry experts to get their thoughts and advice.

TechWeek 2019: How to ensure your smartphone and its data are not weaponised

Over the past few years, cyber security specialist Frank Satterwhite has been working with a talented group of cyber engineers to create and package a security platform that allows users to protect their data in cyberspace. One of the group’s key focuses is on increasing mobile cyber hygiene as smartphones become the default device for most digital tasks at home and, increasingly, in the workplace.

Smartphones have become the central tool of our daily digital lives, whether for facilitating quick communication with friends and family, browsing social media or keeping up to date with the latest news.  But from a cyber security perspective, mobile devices present easy targets for hackers seeking to compromise personal data. 

Securing Slack: Is your organisation protected?

In a few short years, Slack has transformed from a relatively unknown cloud application into one of the most popular team collaboration solutions in the world. For many enterprises, Slack is initially used in small, unsanctioned (shadow IT) deployments amongst internal workgroups. From there, use of the app typically balloons so quickly that it simply cannot be ignored. Today, Slack boasts over 10 million daily active users and more than 85,000 paying customers worldwide.

Magecart: Why evil wizards are your number 1 ecommerce problem

Ecommerce is booming, it’s fast-moving and exciting. However, someone is trying to steal from you – but they aren’t taking your products. They are pickpocketing your customer’s data, directly from their machines and in the process damaging your reputation, sometimes irreparably.

Data breaches are not a new phenomenon; the frequency and size of attacks have increased dramatically since Magecart first appeared in 2015. Even worse, you now have to publicly report them to the ICO. Damage limitation has never been so important.

Tackling network security during the 2019 Rugby World Cup

It’s Rugby World Cup time in Japan, with the first round of rugby union’s most elite competition kicking off over the weekend. During the next few weeks, thousands of fans will travel far and wide across the country to soak up the action. In addition to bringing bundles of optimism about their teams’ prospects, die-hard supporters will arrive armed with a legion of connected devices.

5 ways to safeguard your business against the latest types of ransomware

Chester Avey outlines what firms must prioritise in the fight against the latest ransomware threats It might seem like a long time ago since WannaCry, which caused widespread disruption to the NHS other businesses, but ransomware attacks continue to make headlines. In fact, two very recent attacks successfully targeted two major US cities, Baltimore and… Read More

Six ways to max out network security in the age of IoT

Within the next two years, the amount of smartphone users will reach over 2.87 billion, from 2.57 billion users today. The majority of these users have always-on internet connectivity, providing them the ability to control devices from the palm of their hand, but how does this functionality connect to devices at home or at work?

When your individual devices are secure, the main point of entry into your IoT is going to be through your main network. There are many different methods that you can use to secure your networks against potential threats, but here are a few of the most effective:

From agile to fragile: Is DevOps the weak link in your cloud security strategy?
If organisations are not careful, pressures imposed on DevOps teams can compromise application and data security in cloud environments, writes Haim Zelikovsky In the next three years, public, private and hybrid cloud adoption will drive roughly 25 percent of the growth in the software as a service ‘SaaS’ market. Without the cloud, SaaS can’t mature... Read More

3 ways to secure your business against future cyber threats
Ahead of his presentation at Cloud Expo Asia in Singapore, Steve Ng, Lead, digital platform operations at Mediacorp Singapore, explains how organisations can prime themselves for evolving cyber threats Cyber security is a challenging field with a broad spectrum of technologies, threats, processes and zero-day exploits, one where both good and bad actors are searching... Read More

Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium: On the frontline of today’s cyber battlefield
Ahead of her presentation at Cloud Expo Asia Singapore in October, Dr Vivy Suhendra, executive director at the Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium, dives deep into the consortium’s work to shore up Singapore's cyber resilience Cyber security is a constantly evolving field, and rapidly so. We need to not only keep pace with cyber threats in the... Read More