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John Booth says data centre sustainability requires a rethink

Many enterprises in the data centre industry are devoting resources toward securing renewable energy to power data centre services. For example, in 2021 CyrusOne announced that all European data centres are 100% powered by renewable energy.

Renewable energy: solar power in the data centre

Under the Energy as a Service (EaaS) agreement, Engie will install a solar plant on the rooftops of the Cote d’Ivoire facility and solar carports. This will provide direct energy for operations as well as help the company to avoid using fossil fuels in regular operations or in generators, reducing the environmental impact of the data centre. The project will have a total installed capacity of 355 kWp.

Data Centre World 2022 welcomes expressions of interest in hosted buyers event.

Additionally, the Hosted Buyer’s Day provides fast-track VIP access to the right connections, the perfect solutions, and unparalleled results. In the ever-changing data centre environment, the importance of staying competitive cannot be stressed enough.

Data Centre World – Main Stage speakers, 2022.

2022’s Data Centre World Main Stage boasts contributions, not only from inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim-Berners Lee, but a roll-call of thought-leaders with wide-ranging and exceptional expertise.

Sustainability-linked loans and the data centre

Sustainability-linked loans are bolstered by government policy, which has incorporated SSLs into ESG (environmental, social, and government) initiatives, making these loans an attractive option for both lenders and borrowers.

Sweden and the sustainable data centre

As of 2019, top technology firms including Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon and Google had active sites in Nordic countries, particularly Sweden.

4 considerations to improve data centre risk management

With the increasing adoption of work from home, digital events, and online social activities, many of the events that we used to expect to attend in person can now occur in the digital world as well. 

Google data centre workers speak out against unfair practices

Recent public complaints from data centre workers alleging unfair labour practices throw the company’s core value into question.

6 Practical Tips for Data Centre Sustainability

Why is data centre sustainability such a hot topic? Because climate change is, quite literally, a ‘hot topic – and making environmentally-sound business choices is critical to help minimize the effects of climate change.

Inside Unified Communications in the Smart Office Environment

How would you define ‘unified communications’ (UC)? What does it consist of and what does it do, what functions can be ‘unified’? At Altona, our general definition of UC is the capability to combine many disparate devices within a single system. The point being, is to make connecting as simple for the operator in a… Read More

South Africa holds the majority of African data centres

Despite investments in sub-Saharan Africa, South Africa holds a disproportionate number of data facilities, and there is a persistent deficit of data centres in the West African region. The demand for data centre services in Africa is growing steadily. Drivers of demand for increased capacity are much the same in Africa as the rest of… Read More

Five Best Practices to Achieve Converged Infrastructure

Since the 1980s, traditional building automation systems (BAS) were the solution to managing and monitoring equipment in large corporate buildings. While BAS focused on operational and facility management (FM) requirements, they were complex and expensive. In many situations, the complexity, technical design and siloed nature of the systems constrained operator interactions and led to underutilisation.