Latest Data Centre Opinions

The challenge of replacing the UK copper network with fibre

Copper wires have formed the backbone of the communications network since 1911, and are currently used to deliver broadband services across much of the country, to individuals, organizations, and businesses.

Grid reliability: powering change in the data centre

As demand continues to grow worldwide, and companies enter different areas of the world, alternatives to placing additional stress on local power grids will be of more importance to ensure grid reliability.

Will Rising Summer Temperatures Disrupt Indirect Free Cooling Processes?

The popularity of indirect free cooling of data centres in the Nordics region could place facilities at risk of corrosion if conditions are not correctly controlled this summer, according to Greger Ruud, who leads the Nordic Datacenters unit at Aggreko.

Data Centre Infrastructure Solutions

The disruption Covid-19 forced on all sectors of the economy will continue to impact global supply-chains, as we have all re-evaluated how to maximise benefits through our route to market.

Is Madrid the new Data Centre hub?

Robert Assink the General Director of Interxion Spain, discusses the opening of its fourth data centre in Madrid as well as offering an analysis on the current situation of the sector and predictions for a post-pandemic world.

Why going ‘green‘ is crucial to all data centre operations

With climate change being such a hot topic, operators are now quickly realising that there is an urgent need to increase the energy efficiency of data centres and reduce their environmental impact. However, a balance must be maintained between complexity of implementation, costs, and overall energy efficiency.

The evolution of mission-critical digital servicing models

With increasing demands for mission-critical system reliability, prevention of data centre and edge computing downtime is far better than a reactive cure. Anticipating that an outage or power event could happen at any time, and taking steps to minimise the likelihood of disruption, is of course preferable to dealing with any potential problems after they have arisen, but what steps can operators take in the quest to mitigate downtime?

Single-Pair Ethernet Enables Reliable IoT Infrastructure

The latest development in Ethernet data communications is extending its capabilities over single-pair cable.

Silent guardians of the telecoms universe

The gap in thinking between cyber security and physical security in communications and data asset management is closing.

DC Optimisation – Collaboration Without Constraint

Jeff Safovich, head of product and innovation at automated infrastructure specialist RiT Tech, on why integration – not isolation – is integral to data centre optimisation.

Is a Tier 3 Talent Gap Holding Back Data Centre Growth?

Today, Tier I and II markets are fairly saturated with data centre providers. While opportunity still exists, the highest growth areas for data centre services are likely to be in Tier III locations, such as Oslo, Buenos Aires, or Jakarta.

Edge Computing after Covid-19

The shift to edge computing solutions is a business must and will continue to be as organisations initiate post-Covid recovery strategies.