Latest Data Centre Opinions

The Sustainability Imperative for Data Centres

The ideal of true data centre sustainability is not as complex as it sounds, writes Marc Garner, VP Secure Power, Schneider Electric UK&I, It’s commonly accepted that we’re at crossroads where the decisions we make today will not only shape future generations, but our entire planet. This has become particularly apparent in the global response… Read More

Looking Back Over 2020: Data Centre & Edge Computing Predictions

Steven Carlini, Vice President of Innovation and Data Centre for Schneider Electric. When asked what was most likely to cause a change in a government’s direction, a famous British Prime Minister once famously answered: “Events, dear boy!” An unscheduled, if not entirely unforeseen, occurrence of sufficient magnitude will always cause a realignment of priorities and… Read More

IT’s role in COVID-19 vaccine creation and distribution

It would have been impossible to pull off a coordinated, verifiable, safe vaccine delivery without modern tech tools in use and the application of advanced technologies.

Remote Data Centre Management in 2021

As data centre spending rebounds in the upcoming months, businesses will focus on making the best use of remote tools for data centre management. This will help them to maintain flexibility, agility, and adaptability in the face of changes to come. 

Prioritising critical infrastructure during a global pandemic

Companies across all critical infrastructure sectors – from power plants to healthcare to manufacturing – must assume that sophisticated attackers are already inside the network.

2021: The Year of the Sustainable Data Centre

Becoming a greener organisation: improving resource efficiency, and working to build a sustainable model for the future, is a critical factor in data centre strategy. Data centres are enormous consumers of resources, and demand for the computing power that data centres provide is growing at an astonishing rate.

The Data Centre in 2020 — Expert Roundup

Experts from across the data centre spectrum review a year unlike any other – and preview what they think lies ahead in 2021.d

The worst tech disasters that can hit your business

No business is invulnerable. All are exposed to the same environmental and man-made risk factors. The key is being able to mitigate against those risks as much as possible, putting steps in place to ensure business continuity as – and when – disasters occur. That’s where disaster recovery comes in, and as cyberthreats and natural disasters continue to grow in scope and severity, DRaaS is going to play a key role in ensuring businesses can operate safely, securely and with full confidence.

Data Centre Management Last Word: Speed, resiliency and flexibility

As the world grapples with yet another major challenge in Covid-19 and its knock-on effects, the organisations and institutions that make up society will no doubt have to navigate the accompanying change. Data centres will be at the forefront of this digital metamorphosis with the three watchwords: speed, resilience and flexibility.

Data Centre Cabinets – White is Right?

Do the claims made about the ability of white cabinets and enclosures to save energy, reduce lighting requirements and improve visibility in data centres stack up? We ask Michael Akinla, Senior Manager North Europe at Panduit EMEA This is an interesting topic. The more prosaic reason why more cabinets are dark colours is manufacturer’s choice,… Read More

Carbon reduction through IT energy optimisation

This month’s Net Zero Festival 2020 shows how interest is growing in the net zero economy 2050 target. The scale of the challenge is huge, but the pace of transition is accelerating, and more and more companies are starting to take it very seriously. Dean Boyle, CEO, EkkoSense, discusses the importance of optimising the performance of power and cooling across networks.

Making the most of remote UPS monitoring

Chris Cutler of Riello UPS explains how UPS remote monitoring offers data centre operators the added reassurance of a ‘virtual’ power engineer onsite, 24 hours a day.