Latest Data Centre Opinions

DC Optimisation – Collaboration Without Constraint

Jeff Safovich, head of product and innovation at automated infrastructure specialist RiT Tech, on why integration – not isolation – is integral to data centre optimisation.

Is a Tier 3 Talent Gap Holding Back Data Centre Growth?

Today, Tier I and II markets are fairly saturated with data centre providers. While opportunity still exists, the highest growth areas for data centre services are likely to be in Tier III locations, such as Oslo, Buenos Aires, or Jakarta.

Edge Computing after Covid-19

The shift to edge computing solutions is a business must and will continue to be as organisations initiate post-Covid recovery strategies.

The increasing demand for High-Performance Computing

Today, HPC is applied in just about every industry you can imagine, from manufacturing and biotechnology, right through to nuclear physics and the discovery of gas and oil. But what factors are driving HPC demand and which businesses are leveraging its power?

Hydrogen: Fueling Innovation in the Data Centre

As demand for data centre services continues to grow, and more companies make pledges to go green, controlling energy consumption and seeking out alternative energy sources is a top priority. In addition to popular renewables like solar, wind and hydro power, one area that data centres are exploring is using hydrogen fuel cells as an energy source.

The Rise of the TowerCo

In a year where American Tower bought €7.7 billion worth of cell masts from Telefonica, Nicole Capella investigates these new network challengers and how they came to be

Making liquid cooling a more predictable investment

Combining liquid cooling and Digital Twins can directly support sustainability goals, improve data centre capacity and reduce operating costs.

The tool helping enterprise data centres net quick green wins

Through plug-and-play energy optimisation for mid and small tier data centres, Interact is an extremely welcome development in the sector’s journey towards sustainability.

The Sustainability Imperative for Data Centres

The ideal of true data centre sustainability is not as complex as it sounds, writes Marc Garner, VP Secure Power, Schneider Electric UK&I, It’s commonly accepted that we’re at crossroads where the decisions we make today will not only shape future generations, but our entire planet. This has become particularly apparent in the global response… Read More

Looking Back Over 2020: Data Centre & Edge Computing Predictions

Steven Carlini, Vice President of Innovation and Data Centre for Schneider Electric. When asked what was most likely to cause a change in a government’s direction, a famous British Prime Minister once famously answered: “Events, dear boy!” An unscheduled, if not entirely unforeseen, occurrence of sufficient magnitude will always cause a realignment of priorities and… Read More

IT’s role in COVID-19 vaccine creation and distribution

It would have been impossible to pull off a coordinated, verifiable, safe vaccine delivery without modern tech tools in use and the application of advanced technologies.

Remote Data Centre Management in 2021

As data centre spending rebounds in the upcoming months, businesses will focus on making the best use of remote tools for data centre management. This will help them to maintain flexibility, agility, and adaptability in the face of changes to come.