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When will cloud computing become a true utility?

Organisations must think carefully about how they purchase cloud services and how they set up their infrastructure accordingly to prevent vendor lock-in and high costs.

The myth of cloud mobility and a recipe for real agility

Come to the cloud, they said. Come one and come all and enjoy the multifarious models, functions and extensions that cloud computing offers with an infinite promise of agility, mobility and flexibility. Well yes, that’s the opening sales gambit. But as many of us know, the reality is somewhat less agile, rather lower down the mobility scale and inherently less flexible.

Microsoft Spain’s Ivete Ferreira: “We visualise a future that inevitably passes via Tech Intensity”
The cloud business has accelerated its expansion as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence of this is reflected in Microsoft’s strong Q4 financials. The tech giant announced that the power of the cloud propelled the results of the second quarter by 17%, up to $43.1bn. To find out more about Microsoft's future strategy and... Read More

5 key tech challenges for 2021 – and how to overcome them

2021 could be a pivotal year for businesses large and small, for many reasons. But how can organisations turn potential upcoming challenges into opportunities and what role will tech play

Making real-time real by giving developers the tools they need

Despite significant advancements in the software development community, many developers are handcuffed to outdated, complex platforms that were implemented before the developer first said “Hello world”. These relics from the batch era are depriving the brightest brains in our industry of the capabilities they need to create applications which truly move the needle for today’s digital enterprises.

Immutable Instantaneous Insurance: the missing link in the Data Chain?

The future of work is safer once we implement the immutable instantaneous missing link in the data and application security chain.

The key to high-performing DevOps teams

Software Development has changed over the years. DevOps has taken the technology industry by storm, moving beyond the buzzword and becoming an integral part of every high functioning IT teams strategy. But are companies really using DevOps to their advantage and getting the best out of their teams? Nick Barton, lead engineer at Automation Logic, talks about his extensive experience in DevOps and how to ensure you have a motivated and productive team.

Most in-demand cloud roles in 2021

Many companies delayed hiring new employees during 2020. This year, expect companies to change tack and hire more cloud specialists than ever before.

Three ways big businesses can protect their networks

The cloud, the increasing use of third parties, and remote work will all pose a challenge to business resilience and security. But with the right advice and investment, there’s no reason your sensitive assets shouldn’t be safer this year.

Not every workplace Lockdown call has to be video, but here’s when it should be

Amid reports of ‘Zoom fatigue’, are companies guilty of not making full use of the range of comms channels available?

Seven trends that will impact the way we live and deliver public services in 2021

2020 has been a year of endless uncertainty and constant change. The public sector overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges in what has been a defining period for both our public services and our community. Few could have predicted a global pandemic and the far-reaching impact it has had on our society. But despite it being the most disruptive period in a generation, it has seen our public services at their best and most innovative. 

Baking success into digital transformation

Cohesity’s Ezat Dayeh outlines his recipe for a successful digital strategy in 2021