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Smart IoT Q&A: Kevin O’Malley, Innovation Lead – Innovate UK

Fri 7 Feb 2020 | Kevin O’Malley

Kevin is Innovation Lead / SBRI Lead Customer in the Clean Growth and Infrastructure Directorate at Innovate UK and is responsible for managing internal and external relationships, technology strategy and delivery with partners across central and local government, with the aim of boosting procurement-led innovation and growth in Cities

What are you expecting to see at Smart IoT this year?

I’m really looking forward to seeing innovation in IoT driving the development of serious, practical use cases for the technologies. For me IoT needs now to be about the application and impact rather than the equipment.

Which particular areas do you think are developing the most quickly and why?

Cities are facing complex, systemic challenges at a time when budgets are being reduced dramatically. New ways of working, using new technologies and approaches might be one way to begin to address this conundrum. I’m confident that IoT has a major role to play in addressing some of these complex urban problems.

Thinking about Smart cities, where do you see opportunities for private & public sector cooperation?

If IoT is to play a central role in solving city challenges there are questions that need to be resolved, particularly in the area of infrastructure, investment and business models. The private and public sector have a great opportunity to work together here for mutual benefit in opening up access to infrastructure, deploying IoT capability and delivering sensing services and city intelligence.

Kevin O’Malley, Innovation Lead – Innovate UK

Do you see the IoT industry sector fragmenting into verticals?

The real strength of IoT lies in its cross-cutting capabilities. The most straight forward use cases to pilot and prove are those which sit within a vertical, however the real ‘killer apps’ for IoT will be the interwoven and systemic use cases which reflect the complexity of our modern society and places we live and work in.

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Kevin O’Malley

Innovation Lead/ SBRI Lead Customer, Clean Growth and Infrastructure Directorate
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