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From Public Policy to Private Sector Prowess: Marcin Roth’s Cybersecurity Voyage

Wed 14 Feb 2024

Ahead of Cloud and Cyber Security Expo on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, Techerati had the opportunity to sit down with Marcin Roth, Senior Cybersecurity Manager at Currys.

Marcin shared insights into his unique journey from a public healthcare policy background to a pivotal role in the private sector’s cybersecurity landscape.

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A Fortuitous Transition

Marcin’s move into the private sector in 2017 was both unexpected and transformative. With a background in law and public healthcare policy, his leap into IT compliance at a FTSE 100 company was a significant departure.

“It was quite a departure from what I had done previously,” Marcin explained, highlighting the learning curve he faced in grappling with new concepts in IT and cybersecurity.

Despite the drastic change, Marcin found that his skills from the public sector were not only transferable but invaluable in his new role.

“It was broadly around organisational skill,” Marcin noted, emphasising the importance of an agile way of working and budget management, skills he honed in his previous roles.

This adaptability underscores a critical aspect of cybersecurity: foundational skills like project management and strategic planning are crucial, regardless of one’s technical background.

Marcin stressed the fundamental importance of basic IT hygiene in securing a company’s technological infrastructure. From patching servers to ensuring up-to-date security tooling, maintaining a robust IT landscape is paramount.

Marcin’s insights illuminate a common oversight in companies that neglect these foundational practices, leading to potential security vulnerabilities.

A New Cybersecurity Chapter

In 2019, Marcin joined Currys as a cybersecurity program manager, tasked with elevating the company’s security maturity in the aftermath of a data breach.

This role involved deploying security tools, modernising infrastructure, and enhancing cross-functional collaboration.

Marcin reflected on the challenges of aligning cybersecurity initiatives with business priorities within a large retail organisation.

Embracing Public Speaking

A significant milestone in Marcin’s career was his foray into public speaking at industry events in 2023.

Covering topics from cloud adoption to the ethical considerations of AI, Marcin engaged with fellow professionals, sharing his insights and contributing to the broader cybersecurity discourse. This experience highlighted the value of collaboration and networking in keeping abreast of emerging trends and challenges.

Looking ahead, Marcin expressed particular interest in the development of AI and its implications for cybersecurity. With ethical considerations and regulatory frameworks becoming increasingly important, Marcin’s perspective offers a glimpse into the future challenges and opportunities in the field.

He also touched on the ongoing discussion about the professionalisation of the cybersecurity industry, advocating for a more standardised approach to defining roles and competencies.

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