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eCommerce Expo 2019: Q&A with Adam Hall, Head of Sustainability at Internet Fusion Group

Wed 21 Aug 2019 | Adam Hall

In just over one month’s time eCommerce Expo 2019 opens its doors at the Olympia in London. Looking ahead to September, Techerati has sat down with some of the event’s most high-profile speakers to get underneath the tech and find out what drives and inspires them. Next up is Adam Hall, head of sustainability at Internet Fusion and Surfdome, Europe’s largest action sports retailer.

What was your earliest childhood ambition?

I’m pretty sure it was to be a stuntman (I spent a lot of time in hospital as a result!).

Drive or talent: Which translates into success?

Drive, but finding a mission that offers the individual to combine both wins.

What is your current ambition?

To make it publicly clear that there are highly viable alternatives to the old traditional business models which are damaging to the environment – and that it’s critical for our survival to make these new models standard.

If you could have one piece of clothing back that you have lost or thrown away what would it be?

A fleece I lost in the New Zealand Mountains (my friends dubbed it the ‘Muppet Skin’) — it was cold without it!

One piece of clothing that you will never throw away.

My Devon rugby shirt.

What frustrates you most about the sustainability debate?

That its referred to as a debate!

One simple thing everyone can add to their routine that could have a massive impact on the environment.

Pause, remember you are part of something bigger, consider, then make the less environmentally damaging option in everything you do.

One falsehood about the environment that most people take as true.

The Ocean is too big and vast to collapse.. it’s happening now.

Join Adam at eCommerce Expo 2019, 25 - 26 September 2019, Olympia

26 Sep 2019
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Experts featured:

Adam Hall

Adam Hall is the Head of Sustainability
Internet Fusion and Surfdome


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