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Data Centre Titans: Powering Reliability in Asia’s Data Centres with Yuki Ida, General Manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

Fri 6 Oct 2023

In the fifth edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from Yuki Ida, the General Manager for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia.

Starting his journey with MHI Japan in 2008, Yuki witnessed firsthand the transformative power of the data centre industry, from launching new product lines in Japan to navigating supply chain disruptions amidst a global pandemic.

Reflecting on his career, he notes the importance of logical thinking, dedication, and open-mindedness in this ever-evolving industry.

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Data Centre Titans highlights the trailblazers of the industry and their profound perspectives.

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Could you briefly describe your role and your journey to your current position?

I currently oversee the sales of generator sets and engine business in the APAC region. My journey with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) began in 2008 when I joined MHI Japan.

My responsibilities shifted towards sales and marketing for generator sets in 2019, and while in Japan, I led a team in launching a new product line. In 2021, I relocated to Singapore to focus on growing our business in the APAC region.

What is one major challenge you have faced in your career, and how did you overcome it?

One notable challenge I faced was navigating the supply chain disruptions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Managing the supply chain became incredibly challenging due to the constantly changing situation.

To address this, we intensified communication with our partners and customers, aiming for transparency and honesty in our interactions. This approach helped us minimise the impact and find better solutions.

What is one thing that has greatly influenced your professional life in the data centre industry?

The data centre industry is characterised by the brilliance and passion of its people. The logical thinking and dedication that individuals in this industry bring to their work have greatly influenced my professional life. I find great enjoyment in working within this dynamic and innovative environment.

Thinking about the next 5 years, what is a bold prediction you have for the data centre industry?

In the coming years, I predict a significant surge in data centre demand, especially as artificial intelligence (AI) becomes more widespread. This growth will necessitate a substantial increase in server infrastructure. Ensuring stable and reliable energy sources will also become even more critical.

What advice would you give to someone starting in the data centre industry?

I would emphasise the importance of having an open mind. The data centre industry is still relatively young and offers ample opportunities for innovation. Collaboration and an open mindset will be key to achieving breakthroughs and success.

Could you share a quote that inspires you as a leader or empowers you in your work?

‘Work hard, play hard’ is a guiding principle for me. I aspire to work diligently to collaborate effectively with our data centre customers and contribute to our shared success.

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