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Web browser Brave is leading the fight against surveillance capitalism

Dr Johnny Ryan, Chief Policy & Industry Relations Officer at private web browser Brave, explains how the company is taking the fight to the personal data industry “Everyone is being... Read More

How can brands improve customer experience with marketing technology?

David Coombs is Head of Strategic Services at Cheil UK where he oversees creative technology and data output. Following his talk “Welcome to the smart(ish) home” at ad:tech London 2019,... Read More

The 2019 lowdown: What happened at Technology for Marketing this year?

Propeller’s Will Parrott details the key takeaways from Technology for Marketing 2019, including retailers’ ‘tech backlash’, upcoming adtech regulation, the requirements for talent in technology, and the Love Island panel... Read More

TFM 2019: Helen Gorman on Customer Experience

Helen Gorman is Head of Consultancy at OysterCatchers. She is a strategic and creative blue-chip marketing and business leader with a strong legacy of commercial and creative success with P&L... Read More

ad:tech 2019: The challenge of connecting marketing, service and tech siloes

Paul Frampton is delivering his ad:tech keynote speech September 25 and appearing on the panel 'Should marketers take artificial intelligence seriously?' at 1.15 pm the same day Paul Frampton is... Read More

TFM 2019: What agency CEOs are prioritising in 2019

Mark Howley, CEO, Starcom UK and COO, Publicis Media, previews his appearance on the Agency CEO panel at Technology for Marketing 2019 Technology for Marketing 2019 is nearly here and... Read More

Customer First Live: The Dangers of Taking Your Customer for Granted

Customer First Group founder Martin Newman discusses the state of the UK high street and how integral organisational change is to consumer-facing businesses seeking customer-centricity Renowned internationally as one of... Read More

TFM 2019: “Take control of the technology, rather than let it control you.” A conversation with Jane Piper, organisational ps...

Sam Tidmarsh sits down with TFM 2019 speaker Jane Piper, author of the bestselling book Focus in the Age of Distraction, to discuss the impact of technology on marketers' working... Read More

TFM 2019: How Bacardi uses data to top up the bottom line

Techerati talks to Brenda Fiala, Bacardi’s Global VP of Strategy, Insights and Analytics, ahead of her TFM & ECE Keynote panel appearance When Bacardi was founded 157 years ago, rum... Read More

TFM 2019: Branding, Gen Z & Data — A conversation with award winning record producer & Downing Street advisor Kevin Tewis...

Sam Tidmarsh sits down with TFM 2019 speaker Kevin Tewis-Allen, award-winning BBC Radio 1 producer turned Downing Street marketing advisor, to discuss the importance of branding, marketing to Gen Z... Read More

ad:tech 2019: Guinness — Looking back to look forward

Speaking to John Bensalhia, Niall Mckee, head of Guinness Stout Europe at Diageo, says the 260-year-old ruby red brewer is just getting started Can a brand live forever? That's a... Read More

The future of car ownership with Singapore’s first Netflix for Cars

Singapore automotive marketplace Carro is betting big that the subscription economy is ready to disrupt the automotive industry Would you pay a monthly fee for a service that allowed you... Read More

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