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2021 Playbook: Enforcing Zero Trust for All Identities

Adopting a Zero Trust mindset ensures organisations stay ahead of the security curve and promotes a ‘never trust, always verify’ security stance. Last year, COVID-19 spurred organisations everywhere to rapidly... Read More

How to Select the Right Cybersecurity Career Path

Raymond Pompon, Director of F5 Labs, gives his tips on choosing the right cybersecurity career path Twenty-five years ago, when cybersecurity was emerging as a specialty, most practitioners were transitioning... Read More

False positives are only one part of a bigger cybersecurity problem

False positives are a symptom of a problem, not the cause Security ‘alert fatigue’ is a real issue. According to a recent report from the SANS Institute, alert fatigue is... Read More

The Three Pillars Of A Resilient Ransomware Strategy

Anurag Kahol, CTO at Bitglass, explains how organisations can embed ransomware resilience into the heart of their cyber strategies On any given week, ransomware attacks generate familiar headlines, with victims... Read More

What will be your organisation’s “go or no go” moment?

However powerful your leadership, however large your organisation, however advanced your systems and however well trained your personnel, the success or failure of your critical systems can be decided in... Read More

DevSecOps: Eight tips for truly securing software

Essential guidance for keeping software truly secure A lot has been said about DevSecOps from experts, practitioners, pundits and vendors. However, recommendations that start and finish with securing code leave... Read More

Why diversity should be at the forefront of identity

Collectively we have a responsibility to ensure digital identity technologies don’t exclude or misrepresent the underrepresented, writes Cindy White, CMO, Mitek Our digital identity holds a lot of power. We... Read More

Looking out for cybercriminals’ latest tricks this April Fool’s Day

IT teams must prepare employees for a new wave of innovation in the phishing industry, or risk being made a fool of. Cybercriminals are in the business of foolery and... Read More

CTO Interview – Sectigo’s Jason Soroko on the Future of Digital Identity

A lot can change in 12 months and nowhere is that more the case than in the Enterprise IT environments anchoring business throughout Covid-19. With workers accessing data, software and... Read More

What can squirrels teach us about cybersecurity?

Three ways to tell if your organisation is a red kite or grey squirrel An endangered bird and a rather thuggish colonial pest might seem a strange pair to discuss... Read More

How to bolster cybersecurity defences with security maturity modelling

Businesses that evaluate their security program under a security maturity model will be far better placed to react to the unexpected Every modern business faces risk on a near-daily basis,... Read More

How digital ethics drives e-Healthcare systems in the cloud

The ethical challenges, risks, and benefits of using cloud platforms in digital healthcare  In the healthcare sector, businesses must abide by the HIPAA (US), HDS (FR) and other regional guidelines... Read More

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