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Ransomware Attacks: A Proactive Response Guide for Businesses

Ransomware attacks on a business can compromise an entire supply chains and limit their ability to operate. Understanding the best ransomware response tactics becomes paramount to safeguard business continuity and... Read More

How to Navigate Cloud de Confiance and Zero Trust in France

In recent years, France has sought to establish robust cybersecurity measures and data protection standards, particularly in the cloud computing domain. The French Government has long advocated for the creation... Read More

Cybersecurity in France: Recent incidents and how to manage them

France is ranked in the top ten countries best prepared against cyberattacks by the National Cyber Security Index (NCSI) and third in the world for its commitment to cybersecurity according... Read More

Channel Island hacking activity post invasion of Ukraine

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has had a widespread impact across the world in countless ways, from disrupting supply chains, causing a refugee crisis and throwing parts of the global financial... Read More

Andrew Bartlam of Orca discusses how to manage ‘Alert Fatigue’ in cloud security

Andrew Bartlam, VP of EMEA Sales at Orca, sat down with us to talk about current and future challenges in Cybersecurity and how to solve them.   What is ‘alert... Read More

The rise of Israeli Cyber-Security firms

Cyberattacks are on the rise globally, with businesses, governments and private individuals all being potential victims of highly damaging criminal actors. According to research from technology firm Cisco, the number... Read More

UK Government’s push towards a cyber security eco-system in 2022

On 19 January the UK government announced its plan to tighten cyber security laws for businesses. This announcement from the Dept’ of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) follows an alert... Read More

Zero Trust in the SASE Environment with Netskope’s Neil Thacker

Neil Thacker is EMEA CISO for SASE provider Netskope with over 20 years’ experience in the information security industry. We recently sat down with Neil to discuss Zero Trust and... Read More

Top malware threats of 2021 and ways to protect your device in 2022

Cyber attackers have seized on the changing business ecosystem over the last 18 months and found new ways to bypass cyber barriers at companies of all sizes. As cyber threats... Read More

Netflix cracks down on password sharing, improve security

When Netflix announced plans a few months ago to introduce new tests that are meant to target password sharing, many users were concerned that this may result in the end... Read More

Using Public WiFi Safely

Walk into any hotel, coffee shop or airport and it’s likely you can connect to public Wi-Fi. The spread of this easily accessible Wi-Fi has enabled people on the move... Read More

Q&A with Josh Tessaro, Thirdera

Josh Tessaro is practice manager at Thindera. We caught up with him to talk SecOps: understanding the benefits, overcoming difficulties and its place in cyber security. What is SecOps? SecOps... Read More

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