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Fintech app development: 6 ways to delight your users 

By focusing on security, safety and user needs, fintech app developers can empower users to do more with their money, writes Hugh Simpson Fintech apps are changing users’ relationships with... Read More

Collaboration with young generation key to virtual bank success, says ZhongAn International’s Ken Lo

Ahead of his appearance at Cloud Expo Asia Hong Kong in May, founding member of ZhongAn subsidiary says new virtual bank will ‘sit down with and listen to users to... Read More

How QFPay conquered the cloud-based payments challenge

Mobile payments have transformed China and the rest of the world. Beijing-based QFPay has been there since the beginning. Ahead of his appearance at Cloud Expo Asia in Hong Kong... Read More

It’s no surprise that some legacy banks are neglecting back-office IT, says ECS Cloud Chief

Cloud is enabling retail banks to pursue a fertile innovation agenda, but they may be too preoccupied with time-to-market and customer retention at the expense of backend and back-office systems, says... Read More

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