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IT leaders must embrace integrity across the board

In this feature, Richard Luna, CEO of Protected Harbor, dissects the critical issue of integrity for IT leaders and the technology sector as a whole. As technology continues to evolve... Read More

The state of 5G in the UK

The UK Government launched an ambitious plan to achieve standalone 5G connectivity to all populated areas by 2030, backed by a major new investment package.  Announced on April 11th by... Read More

Not every workplace Lockdown call has to be video, but here’s when it should be

Amid rising reports of ‘Zoom fatigue’ Ben Nicklen, chief operating officer for workplace data analytics firm Tiger, says it’s time companies make full use of the range of comms channels... Read More

Seven trends that will impact the way we live and deliver public services in 2021

The top trends that will help the public sector think big and make real progress in the years ahead 2020 has been a year of endless uncertainty and constant change.... Read More

Legacy systems: should they stay or should they go?

A legacy system overhaul is not for the faint of heart, writes Bhanu Singh, SVP of Product Development and Operations at OpsRamp. Survey after survey has shown that IT and... Read More

Five leadership strategies that enabled our teams to flourish during Covid-19

Bhanu Singh, SVP of Engineering at OpsRamp, explains his leadership recipe for Covid-19 productivity The world became a different place post-Covid-19. How we work, communicate and collaborate has been redefined–possibly... Read More

AI Adoption – Data governance must take precedence

To go the distance with AI, the enterprise must create cultures and practices that allow for scalability and success, writes Rachel Roumeliotis Imagine this, if you will. You’ve just bought... Read More

Why optimisation is key when investing in IT

Organisations with critical digital transformation goals and limited budgets may already have the tools they need to meet those goals Companies are taking a hard look at where technology investments... Read More

How to get started with Service Request Automation

Service Request Automation (SRA) can save your IT department time and your organisation money. Whether it’s request fulfilment, incident ticket resolution, virtual machine provisioning, user access requests or anything else... Read More

Laggard or leader? The CIO’s mission post-pandemic

The CIO will be instrumental in making success happen after Covid-19, writes Andrew Duncan, Partner and Regional Lead at Infosys Consulting Technology will be a critical enabler for businesses to... Read More

CTO Interview: Otavio Freire, SafeGuard Cyber

“As long as we continue to execute and lead differently, we will continue to grow” Dr Roger G. Johnston’s “Backwards” security maxim states: “Most people will assume everything is secure... Read More

The big pivot: The new cloud strategy in 2020

In recent weeks we’ve all been disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, both personally and professionally. The changes have been swift and severe, bringing new meaning to the Boy Scout motto:... Read More

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