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Tokyo Transitions to DevOps Innovations: The Journey of David Keane

Ahead of DevOps Live at ExCeL London on the 6-7 of March, we had the opportunity to talk with David Keane, Co-founder of Calitii and former Global Head of DevOps... Read More

Navigating the DevOps Landscape: Jose Calderon’s Journey of Growth and Transformation

In the lead up to DevOps Live on 6-7 March at ExCeL London, we caught up with José Calderón – Vice President Software Engineer at JPMorgan Chase & Co. In... Read More

Fostering diversity in French tech and driving inclusion through DevOps

Despite countless studies finding that organisations with a diverse workforce perform better than businesses that do not, there remains a lack of diversity in French tech ecosystem. The current state... Read More

What is Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and how can it be implemented?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have opened up a myriad of opportunities for businesses in various sectors. However, these advanced technologies can be challenging to deploy and manage without... Read More

Embracing Kubernetes & Containerisation in France

Kubernetes is an open-source system that's gaining traction in the world of digital technology. It helps deploy, scale, and manage containerised applications. Many French businesses are among those recognising its... Read More

Overcoming technical debt in software development

In the process of software development, many unforeseen challenges can arise. From internal business pressures to collaboration issues and weaknesses in technical leadership; any number of issues can impact the... Read More

Common misconceptions about DevSecOps

Ever since DevSecOps has become an effective approach for organisations to embrace, there have been misconceptions around exactly what this system entails in practice. By embedding security throughout the entire... Read More

Cloud native approach set to transform the developer experience

For many companies that have embraced cutting-edge technologies over the past decade, a cloud-native approach has become almost second nature. Cloud-native computing is a term that encompasses a great deal... Read More

Observability – your thoughts?

While DevOps teams have been tasked with managing the digital stacks they have built, the DevOps approach to monitoring – both in terms of its how and it’s why –... Read More

Q&A with Josh Tessaro, Thirdera

Josh Tessaro is practice manager at Thindera. We caught up with him to talk SecOps: understanding the benefits, overcoming difficulties and its place in cyber security. What is SecOps? SecOps... Read More

Q&A with Michael Fisher of OpsRamp

Michael Fisher is Director of Product Management at OpsRamp. Following the announcement of a free version of their digital ops management platform, Michael caught up with us to discuss why... Read More

The Top 10 DevOps Metrics: How To Measure What Matters – Part Two

Jeff Keyes, VP of Product at Plutora, comes in with five more valuable metrics for DevOps teams DevOps is focused on improving the way organisations benefit from software delivery, but... Read More

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