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The expanding data centre footprint: why businesses are investing in hyperscale

In 2022 and beyond, businesses are investing more heavily in the large, scalable computer architecture of hyperscale data centres. In fact, recent research shows that the hyperscale data centre market... Read More

Microsoft data centres heating homes in Finland

Fortum, a state-owned energy company in Finland, has announced a deal with Microsoft to use waste heat from two new data centres to heat homes and businesses in Helsinki. This... Read More

Gender diversity: women in the data centre talent pipeline

Recently, much attention has been paid to encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). From early education initiatives to university scholarships, to after-school programmes like... Read More

David Craig of Iceotope on coming clean about hybrid cooling

Economic instability around inflation and supply chain issues, not to mention a lack of certainty about rebuilding post COVID, have increased the need for clarity around  key issues for data... Read More

How Whole System Thinking can deliver resilient energy for data centres

In the complex and sensitive environment of a data centre, failure is not an option. The infrastructure that manages power, cooling, and waste emissions must be resilient, secure, efficient, and... Read More

Grant Elder of SSE talks about the power of new market presence

John Bensalhia talks to Grant Elder, Head of IDNO and Director of Optimal Power Networks, SSE Energy Solutions, about its new market presence and how it can fit in that... Read More

John Booth says data centre sustainability requires a rethink

John Booth, MD of Carbon 3IT and chair of DCA Energy Efficiency SIG, is one of the featured speakers at the upcoming Data Centre World show at ExCeL on 2-3 March.... Read More

Renewable energy: solar power in the data centre

Energy use in the data centre has been under scrutiny for some time now. These facilities are enormous consumers of power, with a recent study predicting that data centre energy... Read More

Data Centre World 2022 welcomes expressions of interest in hosted buyers event.

There are only five weeks to go until the world’s largest data centre event takes place in ExCeL on the 2 and 3 of March. Data Centre World and Techerati... Read More

Data Centre World – Main Stage speakers, 2022.

2022’s Data Centre World Main Stage boasts contributions, not only from inventor of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim-Berners Lee, but a roll-call of thought leaders with wide-ranging and exceptional... Read More

Sustainability-linked loans and the data centre

As data centres become more committed to sustainability and reducing environmental impact, will sustainability-linked loans be the financial future of the industry? Sustainability-linked loans are financial allotments that are tied... Read More

Sweden and the sustainable data centre

Sustainability is a top concern for the data centre for a number of reasons. In a competitive environment, controlling costs is key; and reducing power and water usage is often... Read More

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