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How to select the right racks and enclosures for your physical infrastructure environment

Digital transformation has been a key focus for businesses for many years, but post-pandemic many organisations’ efforts have accelerated. IDC forecasts that direct digital transformation (DX) investment growth between 2022-2024... Read More

Five Ways to Future-Proof your Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Increasing traffic within data centres requires the fibre optic link bandwidth capacity to keep expanding as data throughput grows. Data centre traffic no longer flows primarily between servers and external... Read More

Q&A: What the data centre market looks like in today’s post-pandemic

Techerati speaks with Giancarlo Giacomello at Aruba Enterprise about the latest data centre management trends and what the market looks like in today’s post-pandemic world. Data centres are complex infrastructures... Read More

Data centre processor race heats up with Intel’s 4-year IPU strategy

Intel has introduced a four-year strategy to iterate on infrastructure processing unit (IPU) and AI chips, in an effort to recover some ground lost to data centre competitors Nvidia and... Read More

Tech giants lobbying EU for more favourable regulations

According to members of the EU initiative and related sources, U.S. technology companies are lobbying the EU to make upcoming regulations more tech-friendly. Just this week, technology companies reportedly attempted... Read More

Data centre 5G: challenges vs. opportunities

In a recent announcement by the Japanese Prime Minister, Fumido Kishida stated that the government expects 5G coverage to reach 99% of the country’s population by 2030. That’s an increase... Read More

DORA and the data centre – new Uptime DORA research brief

The Uptime Institute has released the first in a promised series of research briefs for the data centre industry. The Institute’s initial foray analysis the potential effect of the EU’s... Read More

What smart cities mean for the Data Centre in 2022/23

As businesses and governments continue to explore the different applications of IoT and connected, responsive networks, they are beginning to realise the enormous potential of smart cities. However, the success... Read More

Data centre of 2045: what will the future look like?

Data centre owners and operators spend an enormous amount of time and resources dealing with existing problems and issues – not to mention trying to make the right decisions today... Read More

The expanding data centre footprint: why businesses are investing in hyperscale

In 2022 and beyond, businesses are investing more heavily in the large, scalable computer architecture of hyperscale data centres. In fact, recent research shows that the hyperscale data centre market... Read More

Microsoft data centres heating homes in Finland

Fortum, a state-owned energy company in Finland, has announced a deal with Microsoft to use waste heat from two new data centres to heat homes and businesses in Helsinki. This... Read More

Gender diversity: women in the data centre talent pipeline

Recently, much attention has been paid to encouraging women to pursue careers in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). From early education initiatives to university scholarships, to after-school programmes like... Read More

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