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How Localisation and Sustainability are Shaping the French Data Centre Market

France is one of the hottest data centre markets in the EU, with the French data centre market projected to reach an annual investment of US$9.7 billion in 2023, and... Read More

AI and the demand for cloud computing: Tipping the scale towards a more sustainable future

In this opinion piece, Matt Hawkins discusses the environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential of sustainable cloud computing to offer a more environmentally friendly future. Matt explores... Read More

A Bridge Too Far? Addressing the data centre talent gap

In this opinion piece, James Rix takes on the burgeoning talent gap problem in the data centre industry. He navigates through the terrain of employee retention, continuous training, diversity, and... Read More

France Data Centre Market: A Tour De Force in the Global Landscape

The data centre market in France is hot - not just in the summertime, but year-round, and for the foreseeable future. Increases in demand in urban and rural markets are... Read More

ESG and Data Centre Industry: Challenges and Trends

Environmental, sustainability, and governance (ESG) frameworks are growing in importance for the data centre industry, determining long-term strategies and even business success. ESG is a complex and technical topic that... Read More

Net Zero vs. Near Zero Emissions: Negative or Positive?

In this opinion piece, James Rix discusses the concept of Net Zero, its importance, and the various related terms and expressions, as well as offering insights into achieving Net Zero... Read More

New opportunities for TowerCos in 2023

Only a few industries have seen the same high level of consolidation as TowerCos have experienced in recent years. However, TowerCos, or tower companies, are expected to soon see potential... Read More

Ahrefs claims $400M savings over three years by choosing a colocated data centre

Singapore-based SEO solutions company, Ahrefs, claims to have saved US$400 million in just three years by choosing a colocation data centre running Ahrefs-owned hardware. Data Centre Operations Lead for Ahrefs,... Read More

Twisted-Pair has a Definite Future in Building Infrastructure

For over 30-years Twisted-Pair (TP) cabling has been used to transmit voice, data, and power over the same infrastructure. It has been crucial to integrating factory OT (operational technology) and... Read More

Preconfigured Enclosures Offer 80% Reduction in Deployment Time

In an age where speed to market is of greater importance than ever, the continuing disruption caused by Covid-19 still impacts global supply-chains. Manufacturers, integrators, and customers are developing new... Read More

How to select the right racks and enclosures for your physical infrastructure environment

Digital transformation has been a key focus for businesses for many years, but post-pandemic many organisations’ efforts have accelerated. IDC forecasts that direct digital transformation (DX) investment growth between 2022-2024... Read More

Five Ways to Future-Proof your Fibre Optic Infrastructure

Increasing traffic within data centres requires the fibre optic link bandwidth capacity to keep expanding as data throughput grows. Data centre traffic no longer flows primarily between servers and external... Read More

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