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How to reduce the carbon footprint of your cybersecurity operations

In this opinion piece, Suid Adeyanju, CEO of RiverSafe, navigates the intricate balance between escalating cybersecurity demands and their environmental implications, suggesting ways to lower your carbon footprint. He highlights... Read More

A Philosophical Route to Data Centres: Insights from Courtney Popp of Infrastructure Masons

Ahead of Data Centre World at ExCeL London on the 6-7 of March, we spoke to Courtney Popp, the Director of Education Programs at Infrastructure Masons. She shared her journey... Read More

Data Centre Titans: From Quarterback to Tech Leader with Darryll Dewan, CEO of Total Site Solutions

In the seventh edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from Darryll Dewan, CEO and President of Total Site Solutions (TSS). Darryll Dewan shares his journey to the top, from... Read More

Data Centre Titans: Revolutionising Financial Industry Computing with James Lupton, CTO of Blackcore Technologies

In the sixth edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from James Lupton, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Blackcore Technologies. Lupton shares his insights on the challenges in high-frequency... Read More

Navigating new challenges in the data centre industry for 2024 and beyond

In this feature, Jon Healy, Group Chief Operating Officer at Keysource, delves into the evolving landscape of the data centre industry as we move into 2024. He discusses the significant... Read More

Can AI address the data centre skills shortage?

In this feature, James Carmillet, Director of Cost Management at Business Critical Solutions (BCS), reveals several key findings from a recent BCS Breakfast Club gathering. The topic on everyone's mind... Read More

Top 5 Tips to Shape Positive PR for the Data Centre Industry

Imagine a day without the Internet. No emails, no social media, no online banking, and no streaming services. This scenario could be a reality without data centres. These hubs are... Read More

Data Centre Sustainability Regulation: The timeline that requires immediate action

In this feature, Venessa Moffat, General Manager for Data Centers at QiO Technologies, explores the critical challenges and data centre sustainability regulation changes facing the industry in Europe and North... Read More

What steps should your data centre provider be taking towards sustainability?

In this feature, Matt Edgley provides a comprehensive look at the mechanisms that could pave the way for a more robust data centre industry with a key focus on sustainability.... Read More

Data Centre Titans: Powering Reliability in Asia’s Data Centres with Yuki Ida, General Manager at Mitsubishi Heavy Industries

In the fifth edition of Data Centre Titans, we hear from Yuki Ida, the General Manager for Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Engine System Asia. Starting his journey with MHI Japan in... Read More

Data Centre Titans: Championing Sustainability in Asia with Wong Wai Meng, CEO of Keppel Data Centres

In the fourth edition of Data Centre Titans, we connect with Wong Wai Meng, the CEO of Keppel Data Centres and Chairman of SGTech's Executive Committee. Wong discusses his three-decade... Read More

Data Centre Titans: The Frontier of Data Protection with Richard Luna, CEO of Protected Harbor

In the inaugural edition of Data Centre Titans, we spoke with Richard Luna about the evolution of software and corresponding hardware needs, as well as the importance of data protection... Read More

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