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Google Cloud’s Isaac Hernández: “The global trends reveal the great potential Spain has to become a European model”

Google strongly believes in the domestic market. The multinational has just announced a $650M investment in Spain to drive projects like the launch of their first Cloud region in Madrid... Read More

The Unstoppable Rise of Snowflake

What are the factors behind Snowflake’s eye-watering growth? In the almost seven years since Snowflake publicly launched, this software firm has changed the status quo in its industry and skillfully... Read More

How digital ethics drives e-Healthcare systems in the cloud

The ethical challenges, risks, and benefits of using cloud platforms in digital healthcare  In the healthcare sector, businesses must abide by the HIPAA (US), HDS (FR) and other regional guidelines... Read More

Ensuring the ‘C’ in GRC: How to Keep Cloud BI in Order

Why companies need to adopt a systemic, multi-layered approach to cloud compliance Cloud-hosted business intelligence (BI) applications bring scalability that’s vital for modern businesses. By combining the potency of a cloud... Read More

Should CIOs consider Distributed Cloud?

Will the distributed cloud model disrupt the future of cloud computing? For most businesses, cloud computing exists in three different versions: private, public, or hybrid. However, a fourth type is... Read More

Innovation and modern apps – why a multi-cloud strategy really matters

Why putting a multi-cloud strategy at the heart of IT operations is crucial For several years now, we’ve been talking about the new opportunities that cloud computing offers. It used... Read More

How will cloud use change post-pandemic?

Fordway’s Richard Blanford explores how companies will shore up cloud strategies as they emerge from the pandemic Last year’s enforced move to remote working led to a massive increase in... Read More

What is Advanced Analytics and why are businesses investing in it?

Advanced analytics is rapidly increasing in popularity as business leaders look to leverage the advantages that deep insight and more robust decision-making can bring Any organisation can gather data about... Read More

When will cloud computing become a true utility?

Until cloud computing becomes a true utility, organisations must think carefully about how they purchase cloud services The idea of treating the cloud as a utility has been a recurring... Read More

The myth of cloud mobility and a recipe for real agility

What is the true path to mobility, agility and cloud ability? Come to the cloud, they said. Come one and come all and enjoy the multifarious models, functions and extensions... Read More

Microsoft Spain’s Ivete Ferreira: “We visualise a future that inevitably passes via Tech Intensity”

The cloud business has accelerated its expansion as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic. Evidence of this is reflected in Microsoft’s strong Q4 financials. The tech giant announced that the... Read More

5 key tech challenges for 2021 – and how to overcome them

2021 could be a pivotal year for businesses large and small, for many reasons. But how can organisations turn potential upcoming challenges into opportunities and what role will tech play?... Read More

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