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Observability – your thoughts?

While DevOps teams have been tasked with managing the digital stacks they have built, the DevOps approach to monitoring – both in terms of its how and it’s why –... Read More

Panduit Launches Enterprise SmartZoneTM Cloud DCIM Software

Panduit has launched SmartZoneTM Cloud Software, its enhanced Azure cloud-based enterprise web application, that integrates power and environmental monitoring with cabinet access, asset tracking, and connectivity management. Data center managers,... Read More

Q&A with Michael Fisher of OpsRamp

Michael Fisher is Director of Product Management at OpsRamp. Following the announcement of a free version of their digital ops management platform, Michael caught up with us to discuss why... Read More

Britain and the European Union in 2021: Getting to grips with GDPR and global relations

Since Britain left the European Union on 31st January 2021, many businesses have been getting to grips with what this means for them. From supply chain complications and staff shortages... Read More

Are Industry Clouds The Future?

The advent of cloud computing has transformed how the vast majority of businesses run their IT operations. With the pandemic continuing to cause disruption to countless services, many businesses have... Read More

Powering quantum computers – The ultimate challenge

Quantum computing in a practical sense might still be some way off – several decades by some estimates – but various quantum computers are in operation today, raising considerable and... Read More

Key Problems the Distributed Cloud is Trying to Solve

Enterprises are spoilt for choice when it comes to cloud computing architectures. With hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and distributed cloud all vying for the attention of businesses, making a decision and... Read More

Has Microsoft Teams presented an analytics gap?

Nearly a year on from the first UK lockdown and a mass move to working remotely, unified communications and collaboration technology has accelerated at a rapid rate – and shows... Read More

The Cloud Is a Box of Legos: How to Make Sure What You Build Improves Your Business

Multi-cloud management – why IT leaders should treat each workload like its own lego set Effective cloud deployments are not merely the sum of their parts. It’s also about the... Read More

The Top 10 DevOps Metrics: How To Measure What Matters – Part 1

By focusing on 10 important metrics, DevOps stakeholders can more clearly understand and act on the issues that determine the success or failure of any DevOps initiative. By Jeff Keyes,... Read More

CTO Q&A: Low-code — the solution to developer burnout?

With increasing evidence that engineers will experience burnout at least once in their careers, we ask EMEA CTO at Dell Boomi, Mike Kiersey to unpack the scale of the problem... Read More

Making Data Actionable for Manufacturers

3 Considerations for Making Manufacturing Data Accessible and Actionable in the Cloud Updating the customer experience and optimising plant operations using machine learning are two of the top priorities for... Read More

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