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Digital identities: protecting our digital twins

Identity is the essence of the human being – so guardianship should be hard-earned, says Joe Bloemendaal, head of strategy at Mitek, investigates The pandemic has demonstrated just how much... Read More

Building trust into our technologies: democracy’s path forward in the present pandemic

Marcus Fowler, Director of Strategic Threat at Darktrace, discusses the challenges of conducting an election without in-person voting For the first time in history, many elections will have to happen... Read More

Blockchain & supply chain resilience in the wake of Covid-19

Covid-19 has placed a spotlight on the weaknesses in our global supply chain. Could blockchain help? The world is in the midst of the largest remote working experiment it has... Read More

Q&A: Genevieve Leveille, Principal Founder & CEO, AgriLedger

Genevieve Leveille is the Principal Founder of AgriLedger, a UK blockchain outfit aiming to ensure farmers receive adequate pay for crops. The company is working with the Haiti Ministry of... Read More

How to use blockchain to ramp up your global supply chain

Killian Stokes is disrupting the coffee industry’s global business model with Fairchain. Marianne Lehnis investigates. Killian Stokes drinks drip filter black coffee. He’s a university lecturer and co-founder of Moyee Coffee Ireland,... Read More

The state of blockchain in the UK, with Digital Catapult’s Robert Learney

Robert Learney is Lead Technologist in Blockchain and DLT at Digital Catapult, the British government innovation agency for the digital and software industry Digital Catapult is one of the most... Read More

Top of the food chain – how blockchain might affect what you eat

Vincent Doumeizel of Lloyd’s Register Foundation talks Food Industry 4.0 and describes the potential impact that blockchain could have on the sector Where do your meals come from? Over the... Read More

Blockchain in Government: Hollow, but hopeful

The potential for blockchain to disrupt public services is huge. But the revolution hasn't arrived “The blockchain revolution in government has not lived up to expectations yet.” That’s according to... Read More

Know your tokens: Defining “digital assets”

Not all tokens are created equally. CEO and co-founder of RockX, Xinshu Dong, breaks down tokenisation  While the term “digital asset” is cropping up more and more in the media... Read More

5 blockchain myths debunked

Serg Metelin busts the common misconceptions surrounding blockchain A Google search for “blockchain” brings up nearly 300 million results. Try finding “understanding blockchain” and you’ll find a mere 152,000 references.... Read More

TechWeek 2019: Bitcoin – the mother of all blockchains?

In blockchain circles, Bitcoin has fallen out of favour. Veronika Kuett, TechWeek Frankfurt speaker and product manager at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, questions the prevailing narrative A lot has happened... Read More

Rewiring the network: How smart contracts are driving the next phase in business automation

Automation is typically associated with AI. But will smart contracts take business automation to the next level? Zilliqa’s Amrit Kumar investigates In going beyond grains and gold, commodities have now... Read More

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