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Future Decision-Making Processes in the Data Science Era

What’s next for decision-making in the era of automation? Mohammad Mahdavi, Professor of Data Science at GISMA Business School, explores Traditionally, decision-making was an intuition-based activity. Decision-makers have to rely... Read More

Chatbots are winning. Here’s why that’s good news for customer service

The market for chatbots is growing and their impact on consumer spending habits has been dramatic In recent years, chatbots have come a long way with today’s state-of-the-art systems offering... Read More

Soaring enterprise ML investments: What you need to know

Don’t make the mistake of thinking AI/ML doesn’t apply to you or your industry The second wave of enterprise AI/ML adoption is growing rapidly. We expect it to crest in... Read More

Data democratisation: a business necessity for a data-driven world

What do we mean by data democratisation? And will it take digital transformation to the next level? Mathias Golombek, CTO of Exasol, explores Businesses today collect so much data from... Read More

5 Reasons to Use Machine Learning

When ML can make the biggest difference to your business While many industries are struggling amid the coronavirus pandemic, both the IT industry and the broader trend of transition to... Read More

Should digital health passports be denied entry?

Will digital vaccination certificates transport us back to reality? Or given the privacy risks should they pack their bags and go home? The UK began mass vaccination this month and... Read More

Five predictions for Machine Learning and AI in 2021

Paul Clough, Professor of Search & Analytics at The University of Sheffield and Head of Data Science at Peak Indicators, looks ahead I’m in the business of helping organisations make... Read More

2021: A Data Odyssey

Is your company ready for the new era of AI and ML-empowered data management? It’s time to strap in, says TIBCO’s Bob Eve Putting the advantages of AI and ML... Read More

IT’s role in COVID-19 vaccine creation and distribution

It would have been impossible to pull off a coordinated, verifiable, safe vaccine delivery without modern tech tools Since early 2021, there have been many parallels drawn between the Spanish... Read More

Will AI empower scientists or replace them?

Google’s DeepMind AI team solved a long-running biological problem Scientists are not about to lose their jobs to more sophisticated artificial intelligence – instead it will help them work even... Read More

Big Data & AI World Speaker Focus: Jose Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer at Grupo Financiero Banorte

With Big Data & AI World’s Finance and Banking Virtual Summit just days away, we spoke with keynote speaker and panelist, Jose Murillo, Chief Analytics Officer at Grupo Financiero Banorte.... Read More

The future workplace: 5 AI and analytics trends to build lasting resilience

Andrew Duncan, Partner and UK Head, Infosys Consulting, outlines five ways that companies are embedding data-driven decision making to enable business resilience The global business world is fast evolving into... Read More

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