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AI and the demand for cloud computing: Tipping the scale towards a more sustainable future

In this opinion piece, Matt Hawkins discusses the environmental impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the potential of sustainable cloud computing to offer a more environmentally friendly future. Matt explores... Read More

What is Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) and how can it be implemented?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies have opened up a myriad of opportunities for businesses in various sectors. However, these advanced technologies can be challenging to deploy and manage without... Read More

AI Ethics in Business: Strategies for Responsible AI Use

Just a decade ago, the rapid impact of artificial intelligence (AI) and the crucial importance of AI ethics in today’s business world were beyond even the most optimistic predictions of... Read More

Artificial Intelligence Adoption in France: Use Cases, Benefits, and Challenges

French President, Emmanuel Macron, unveiled an ambitious €1.5 billion artificial intelligence (AI) plan in 2018 to make France a European leader in AI. This major investment has made an notable... Read More

How AI and machine learning can embed recruitment bias

In many countries around the world, the employment market has shifted firmly to job seekers. With companies needing to fill an increasing number of vacancies, applicants with in-demand skill sets... Read More

How social media is adapting to new censorship 

The world’s largest social media platforms are bigger than ever. With Facebook having close to three billion monthly active users, it dominates the social media landscape, leaving Twitter, Instagram and... Read More

Machine learning trends to watch out for in 2022

The impact of machine learning can already be found in companies across virtually all industries. A recent survey by software development firm STX Next discovered that not only have two out... Read More

AI is growing fast – and isn’t set to slow down

There’s been a great deal of discussion in recent years around the so-called end of Moore’s Law. Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles about every... Read More

Ease of incorporating Big Data sets AI up for rapid growth

There are few innovations that have received as much hype as artificial intelligence. Cutting-edge AI solutions such as machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) are increasingly found in both multi-national conglomerates... Read More

How Big Data can improve population health management

Managing population health has always been a difficult undertaking, but since the emergence of COVID early last year, this task has become even more complex. From an ageing population to... Read More

AI in a post-pandemic world

AI-based solutions are vital for enterprises that want to stay competitive and ensure they are better equipped to meet evolving customer demands. No industries have been left untouched by the... Read More

Should AI algorithms be regulated?

Can governments keep up with the fast-changing world of AI, or should managing algorithms be the responsibility of the companies that use them? Recently, both the EU and the U.S.... Read More

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