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Anne Hoyer on tech’s untold job opportunities

Wed 27 Feb 2019 | Anne Hoyer

A job in technology could well be within your reach, as CGI Business Consulting’s Anne Hoyer explains to John Bensalhia

If you’re looking to apply for a job in the world of tech, it’s good news. The sector is singularly hungry for new talent. With the constantly evolving field of technology, new innovations, requirements, and ultimately jobs are being created.

CGI Business Consulting’s Anne Hoyer chose to swap her original marketing and branding background for a new career in technology. “I have a Masters of Business with focus on communications management and several years’ experience in media research and strategy.”

“When I switched to technology, it was as territory sales for SAP where I quickly moved from a local role to a global role in internet of things. At SAP, I have got to know the industry through working with Fortune 500 companies on reinventing their business though advances technology – all different industries all over the world.”

Close to endless

In 2018, Anne was headhunted to CGI Business Consulting in France to start up a business area for SAP Advanced Technology. Besides Anne’s CGI Business Consulting, she has several board seats, mentors a few people, holds keynotes and was recently appointed business ambassador for her home country Denmark.

For those looking to follow in Anne’s footsteps, the opportunities are close to endless.

“In my field of innovation and internet of things, new roles keep being created. New technology, new methodologies, new products and new needs. There is such a need for all types of roles at the moment and it will not slow down any time soon. Specifically, in IoT, I currently see a lack of data scientists and architects, as well as people that can understand both technology and business, converting these to real working solutions.”

As technology gets more and more intervened with our everyday life, Anne says that more workers are required who understand how to create technology that is built for people.

“If our lives are going to be smartened by technology, we need it to be accessible and end-user friendly. Technology is going to melt seemingly into all aspects of our lives, and whom better to create that than the digitally native younger generations? So it is important that they get the right tools and freedom to create what is needed.”

Young talent

Anne says that there is a generation change at the moment, with many decision makers not understanding the way the younger generations work.

“Millennials are community and network-based. We don’t work in silos, we work across divisions and countries. Also, I see some of the brightest having their own start-ups next to their jobs – this should be encouraged by companies.”

Rather than technical skills, the key to setting school leavers and graduates on the right path is self-expression.

“We need to make sure that young people get the chance to express themselves,” says Anne. “They should not fit into the mould, rather figure out how to change things.”

Another way is through mentorships and strong role models, the latter especially for young women.

“Unfortunately, there are still fewer women than men in this industry, and I believe that strong role models are crucial to get this workforce up to speed.”

Anne believes that more youngsters will want this kind of career in the future.

“Absolutely. Technology and tech careers are both rapidly growing and evolving and there is a need for many different skills. The companies that understand how to attract the younger talent will win. Therefore, I believe we will see many different types of talent enter this industry and it will also help dust off the image of IT.”

Join me at Smart IoT

Anne is presenting at Smart IoT London 2019, taking place at ExCeL London 12-13 March. Smart IoT and its colocated events attract over 20,000 IT business decision makers, influencers and professionals.

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