Ulysses Sengupta

Senior Lecturer



Ulysses Sengupta is a Senior Lecturer at Manchester Schoolof Architecture a (Manchester Metropolitan University) and director of award winning urban research practice, Softgrid Limited.  He is a leading partner the Innovate UK Internet of Things ‘CityVerve’ project and international collaborative network ‘Data and Cities as Complex Adaptive Systems’ (DACAS) Ulysses is a widely recognised expertin the domains of urban simulation, planning, Big Data, Smart Cities and Open Government, and has lectured widely and internationally informing ‘Emergent Technologies and Design‘ at the

In his research, Ulysses uses both hard and soft data to create extrapolative models that explore the future of alternative policy and governance, energy, transport, health in cities. His unique citizen-centred approach of co-production investigates the true potential and limitations of cities and allows us to truly see what our future cities can achieve.