Timothy Wallach

Supervisory Special Agent, Cyber Task Force



Timothy Wallach is an FBI Supervisory Special Agent who leads the Cyber Task Force in the Seattle Field Office of the FBI. In this capacity he manages and oversees the FBI’s Cyber Crime program in the State of Washington. In addition to his responsibilities of leading the Cyber Task Force, in 2014 Mr. Wallach was one of the principal architects of the FBI’s Cyber-National Security investigative model and served as its national Program Manager. Prior to his assignment in Seattle, Mr. Wallach was the FBI’s Legal Attaché in The Hague where he was responsible for all FBI matters in the Netherlands. Mr. Wallach has been an FBI Special Agent since 1996 and has held previous assignments in the San Diego and Washington, DC Field Offices, the FBI Legal Attaché Office in Switzerland and FBI Headquarters in Washington, DC. Mr. Wallach holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of California, Santa Barbara.