Susanna Kass

Data Center Advisor at UN Sustainable Development UNEP DTU Partnership

Data Centre


Susanna is an Energy Fellow at Stanford University, and a Researcher and Lecturer at NUS. As a Lead design thinker with a holistic understanding of net zero (carbon, emission, waste) and the impact to urban megastructures, she uses sustainable architectural design tools to research and quantify sustainable materials and the chain of custody from ideation to execution to optimize for a sustainable BOM to keep materials in use.

Today she is a member of climate 50 and advisor to the UNEP DTU partnership.

In her career, Susanna has operated meta-scale eBay, Sun, HP, Goldman Sachs, Microsoft data centers and colocations across 17 countries over 20 years of 24x7x365 operating hours; modular IT, fuel cell, renewable fuel, hydrogen electrolysis, energy storage and managed 500+ person teams. She has developed Sustainable Cost of Ownership metrics for Net Zero data centers, optimized for 24/7 matching, Decarbonizing GHG, Circulytics to reduce waste; while maintaining resiliency, Quality of Service (QoS), Service Level Agreement (SLA) across global cloud operations running on clean energy infrastructure.

A member of Climate 50, Susanna holds various invention patents. Susanna has holds multiple awards and distinctions such as the GSB Alumna Award in Energy from Stanford University, the MBA Alumna Award from Pepperdine University,  the Distinguished Entrepreneur Award from NMSU, and the Presidential Entrepreneur Award from SDSU.