Steve Henson

Senior Data Centre Architect at EfficiencyIT


Steve Henson holds over 30 years of experience within the enterprise and colocation data centre sectors. With specialist skills and training, such as accreditation from the Uptime Institute, has experience across the public sector, designing and building energy-efficient infrastructure systems.

Accustomed to hearing, learning from and addressing customer challenges, Steve is well versed in the data centre sector, working alongside sales, marketing, account management and engineering teams at many of the industry’s high profile technology organisations. With Tier-certification, the designing and configuration of complex data centre architecture infrastructures is the core focus of his work, ensuring that all systems are as energy-efficient, reliable and cost-effective as possible.

Throughout his various roles within the data centre industry, Steve has refined the perfect combination of skills required for addressing customer needs through bespoke and consultative approaches to resolving pain points within the industry, making for a more energy-efficient tomorrow.