Richard Webber

Managing Director at OriginsInfo

Data Science


Currently Visiting Professor, Department of Geography, Kings College London

Since 2014 : With Trevor Phillips a founding partner in Webber Phillips, a data analytics business specialising in applying the software package “Origins” to the inferring of the cultural backgrounds of people whose names are recorded large databases.  This clearly has considerable relevance to the analysis of diversity, whether or employees, customers or voters.

Since 2005 : Managing Director, OriginsInfo.Ltd.  This organisation is the leading UK developer of reference tables that link people’s names to their cultural background and of software that applies these tables to the examination cultural diversity among private and public sector organisations.

Prior to 2000 was a Director of Experian (prior to its merger with TRW) and Managing Director of its European Target Marketing division.

Prior to 1985 set up and led the Micromarketing division of CACI.

Prior to 1980 was a principal researcher at the Centre for Environmental Studies.

1973 – Received Masters Degree in Transport Design, University of Liverpool

1969 – Received Masters Degree in Economics, University of Cambridge

During career developed both Acorn and Mosaic, the two leading European systems for classifying people on the basis of the types of neighbourhood in which they live, and pioneered their use in applications in both the private and commercial sector.

Honorary Fellow of the Market Research Society and Fellow of the Institute of Direct Marketing