Richard Baker

CEO at GeoSpock

Big Data


Richard Baker ran his own successful start-up for six years and has experience across four different industries – so he’s well placed to know how to get the best out of teams.

He’s learnt that the most valuable quality you need in a growing business is tenacity, particularly when you are challenging the status quo. Breaking down barriers is one of the hardest things and he knows he can’t do it alone – he aims to inspire his people to believe they can bring about change.

Richard’s sales, marketing and product management background means he instinctively sets out to create markets, rather than waiting for markets to come to him.

After 25 years in the technology sector, he’s also an expert translator – helping customers understand what’s special about GeoSpock’s innovation and the value it offers them.

Richard says he joined GeoSpock to build the next great business to emerge from the Cambridge technology cluster.