Patrick Samy

CEO at Span



Span’s story begins, fittingly, with a long history of long-term diseases. In 2016, Span CEO Patrick Samy was diagnosed with prediabetes in London.

Confronted with conflicting advice and a lack of support from his doctor and dietitian, he quickly realized that most medical professionals often lack crucial time to avoid using dietary guidelines as a one-size-fits-all.

These guidelines, supposed to save them the time of having to keep up-to-date with the latest research, are over 15 years older than the current clinical evidence for various lifestyle-induced diseases. The end result is that medical professionals rely more on medication for long-term management.

Joined by doctor Adam Bataineh and registered nutritionist Rachel Lett motivated by similar personal experiences, they designed a model of care focused on each individual, leveraging technology to make it viable.

Along the way, the most talented, experienced, and mission-driven individuals from the halls of biomedical research, health care, technology, and design, have come together in service of the Span mission. And 15,000 individuals now know what it feels like to finally be in control of their metabolic health.

Although Span can’t directly fix the core issues of public health policies and guidelines, we can work every day to give you access to the best nutritional and behavioral health professionals, using technology to communicate with them in a way that empowers you to take control of your lifestyle. And we will continue to do just that.