Oliver Prislan

Manager Tx. Planning & Energy at Verizon

AI Analytics Energy Efficiency


Oliver works for Verizon Enterprise as manager for network planning and energy. He holds a master’s in electrical and electronical engineering from the University of Wuppertal/Germany with an emphasis on IT and process automation. While working for Verizon Oliver has been certified as ISO 50001 energy auditor, enterprise architect, project and process manager. Recently he started his Ph. D. studies at the University of Mainz in the field of predictive control. Applying data analytics and artificial intelligence / machine learning to the field of data center and energy management, he provides stunning insights into complex systems. These methods enable predictive maintenance and optimization of power consumption. For this work Oliver was 3rd in the Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis 2019 and is awarded by his senior management frequently. In his leisure time Oliver is developing IoT-applications with micro-controllers building sensor networks. For recreation he plays golf, table tennis and cycles in the nearby forests.