Jose Castro

Manager of the Fibre Research Group at Panduit World Headquarters

Data Centre


Dr. Jose Castro is currently the Manager of the Fiber Research Group in Panduit CRD. In his role, Jose leads the research efforts to provide novel solutions to extend the reach and transmission speed of datacenter optical channels. Some of his projects include the develop advanced optical modulation systems over 64 Gbps for multimode fiber (MMF) channels, impact of spectral dependence of differential mode delay on channel performance, modal-chromatic dispersion compensation, SWDM transmission, interaction of laser chirp and dispersion in single mode channels, and advanced image processing techniques for field termination tools. Jose has more than 14 years of experience and several patents in fiber optics and optoelectronic devices. He is currently the technical editor for Fibre Channel T11.2 Physical Interfaces standard which is developing 64GFC PAM-4 systems over MMF. Jose has chaired OFC sessions for advanced modulation and WideBand fiber in several occasions. He is a reviewer of technical papers in IEEE/OSA in subjects of modulation and MMFs. Jose is the author of over 60 IEEE/OSA technical publications and presentations in the field of fiber optics, optical encryption, optical waveguides, modal-chromatic dispersion interaction, wideband MMF, solar holographic concentrators, biomedical imaging systems, VCSELs, and advanced modulation formats. Prior to joining Panduit in 2011, he was a research professor at the University of Arizona where he invented the anti-symmetric Bragg gratings and the confocal volume holographic imaging system. Jose received his PhD. in electrical engineering from the University of Arizona, Tucson in 2006.