John Mitchell

Director, Product Management



John Mitchell is Product Management Director at Sorrento Networks, a global provider of metro optical solutions for customers who want to maximize their bandwidth availability. Sorrento Networks offers an edge-to-regional CWDM and DWDM product portfolio to telecom carriers, enterprises and data centres throughout North America and Europe. John directs the overall portfolio strategy of the GigaMux optical networking solution. The GigaMux optical transport products – supporting speeds up to 100G – are an efficient and low cost means of adding bandwidth to clients’ networks while transporting mission-critical services and applications across existing network infrastructure. The company is part of the Comtek Group, a global provider of repairs and support to the telecoms, data communications and network service industries. John brings over 25 years of telecom experience including R&D, product development and market development roles at Nortel and LG-Ericsson. Many of the key products and features John has brought to market power thousands of kilometres of fibre and terabits of data across the globe. “It’s been exciting bringing Sorrento from a legacy 10G Metro DWDM supplier to a leading-edge optical network solution provider offering 100, 200 and now 400G line-rate solutions supplemented with high value end-to-end network open-architecture SDN operational applications.