Jennifer Arcuri


Cloud Security


Jennifer Arcuri is the founder of the Innotech Network, a platform of events and videos designed to advance tech policy by bridging the gap between policy makers, investors and entrepreneurs.

Innotech’s Tech vs. Brains event, held in the Houses of Parliament in 2014, was responsible for sparking Jennifer’s interest in cyber security and digital skills. As a result, Innotech’s next event, Legislating Lulzec, focused solely on the subject and featured a number of renowned young hackers, including former Lulzec members. In addition to high profile attendees, such as the Mayor of London, the event’s live feed was watched by thousands across the globe. After meeting the ‘faces behind the hacks’ and seeing first-hand the overwhelming interest in hacking, Jennifer has dedicated herself to promoting the value of ethical hacking and creating environments in which digitally adept teenagers can use their talents for social good. To this end, she now serves as an ambassador for the NCC Group and has founded the Cyber Security group as part of Tech London Advocates Group.

Jennifer is looking to launch a  Hacker House™ in 2016. Hacker House will work with law enforcement and industry to better implement training and education for cyber criminals and young kids who have started to breach code.

Jennifer’s entrepreneurial career began in California in digital distribution, technology, and film production. In 2008 she produced “La Valise”, a short film that was part of the Short Film Showcase at the Cannes Film Festival. Before this, Jennifer worked as an on-air personality for the Radio Disney Network, operating under the ABC Company and ESPN Broadcasting. She also worked on the BRAVO show Inside the Actors Studio, serving as James Lipton’s Production Assistant. Jennifer moved to the UK in 2011.