James Don-Carolis

Managing Director at TrueCue



James is an economist with 20 years of experience spanning the public sector (UK Government Economic Service), large-scale private sector consulting (with PwC and A.T. Kearney), and start-up through to scale-up business growth (with Concentra). Part of the founding team at Concentra Analytics, James established the Analytical Consulting practice and pioneered their brand of data-driven, technology-enabled, analytical consultancy. He has sector expertise in consumer goods, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and project experience in analytically intensive topics such as pricing, pathway redesign, simulation modelling, data visualisation and advanced analytics. James has a particular interest in visual analytics and story-telling with data, and is passionate about delivering smart, innovate solutions that strike at the heart of business value.

Over the years James has been involved in several high profile analytics projects in the healthcare sector, for example the award-winning C-PORT programme which delivered a web-based simulation model to improve NHS chemotherapy services and used by >100 hospitals across the country. James also developed the informatics strategy for Molecular Diagnostics in the NHS and strategic recommendations for the uptake of Stratified Medicines in the NHS (report: Stratified Medicines in the NHS https://www.abpi.org.uk/media/1410/stratified_med_nhs.pdf). James has also developed a multi-market pricing framework for the pharmaceutical industry which uses demand-curve modelling and scenario analysis to optimise pricing decisions across multiple health systems.