Frank Sonder




Frank is entrepreneur, speaker and business consultant. He deals with human computer interaction and the broader impact of digitization to our society.
As the founder, CEO and creative mind of foresee, he develops interactive solutions at the intersection of humans, design and technology.
Foresee supports global companies with interactive meeting rooms to manage distributed teams or banks to find a digital answer, focusing on usability and user experience.
Frank consults international clients to meet the challenges of our time.
Partnering at different research projects, he supports among others the Swiss think tank W.I.R.E. as member of the board and the Convention Camp Conference as Creative Director. In his talks as well as publications and articles in well known magazines he outlines future visions, learnings from the past and a realistic picture of the present state of human computer interaction.
He is co author of the FinTech Book – the worlds first crowd-sourced book about FinTech.
In his article he describes the future of “banking like water”, the impact of blockchain technology and the broader view of what might be the live-saver for banks.