Denis King

CEO at Solace



Mr. King is responsible for ensuring Solace’s success by overseeing business operations that leverage the company’s technology and expertise to capitalize on market opportunity.

He is also tasked with ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of functions including alliances, engineering, finance, marketing and sales, professional services and technical support.

Mr. King was Solace’s first systems engineer, and has been instrumental in helping the company and its customers achieve success in a variety of leadership roles as Solace’s business has grown beyond capital markets and telecommunications to serve increasingly diverse markets and use cases. In particular, he has worked closely with customers to identify and meet their needs as they architect and implement increasingly sophisticated systems that meet the data movement requirements of trends like big data, cloud migration, digital transformation and the Internet of Things.

Prior to joining Solace, Mr. King worked for Newbridge Networks, and earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of New Brunswick.