Dave Webbing

UK Sales Director



Dave has a long background of providing technical solutions to commercially sensitive engineering requirements. Originally a design engineer Dave then moved into more commercial roles before starting his own business in 2005. In 2013 Dave sold the business to Advantech with a view to leverage Advantech’s wider product portfolio, its global footprint and markets. Since integration, Dave has been dedicated in driving Advantech’s IOT and Smart City strategy both within its traditional customer base as well identifying and developing new markets and opportunities.

Advantech is an Industrial focused PC hardware provider which has experienced stand out growth in the past 5 years – over doubling its turnover to $1.2B USD making it the world’s largest Industrial PC manufacturer. Advantech’s corporate strategy is to enable IOT/M2M solutions for Industry and Smart Cities alike by simplifying the acquisition and transportation of data so that it may be integrated. Advantech facilitate simple efficient acquisition and transportation of data by providing an expansive hardware portfolio, device management and software support and services.

Dave is married with two daughters and time permitting is a keen sportsman who is currently having a mid-life Triathlon crisis.