Brian Johnson

Cofounder & CEO at DivvyCloud

Cloud Cloud Security


Brian is co-founder and CEO of DivvyCloud where he leads corporate strategy and product innovation with the goal of making security, compliance and governance accessible for those running hybrid, multi-cloud environments (and thus enabling the future of cloud computing).

Starting at a very young age, Brian developed a passion for almost anything involving computers. His expertise in a broad range of technologies and disciplines, from programming to security, led him to be named the Director of Online Operations at Electronic Arts (EA) for the Mythic Studio by the age of 28. During his seven years at Electronic Arts he developed, managed, and operated the infrastructure that ran the world’s largest online games. Brian was a pioneer in the gaming industry where he led the first migration of a major online game to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and broke new ground by architecting the hybrid cloud environments that supported EA’s massive, distributed global computing needs.

Brian is a passionate technologist who enjoys sharing his insights from the front lines (you could call him a geek and he’d agree). His career has involved a number of research interests, and the opportunity to develop practical applications. Areas of focus include cyber threats, information security, automation, hybrid cloud, and software defined infrastructure, such as building serverless architectures with microservices and container deployments.