Ashish Sethi

Senior Manager, Strategic Business Development, IoT EMEA



Ashish Sethi is responsible for business development and promotion of Samsung Semiconductor’s ARTIK IoT platform.He brings 20 years of experience in strategy development for semiconductor and high tech industries to help outline the next generation of open ecosystems and IoT end-to-end platforms

Ashish has been deeply entrenched in many of the defining high tech waves that shaped the consumer and industrial markets of today. He started out during the birth of the microprocessor IP industry, now dominated by ARM. Following that his time in the Industrial segment saw the rise of Industrial Ethernet and the beginning of the smart factory, now know as Industry 4.0. Most recently he was keenly involved in the wireless speaker and wireless home audio boom being witnessed in consumer markets today. He brings a unique multi-industry, global perspective to IoT markets.

Ashish has a Bachelor’s degree in Microelectronics Systems Design from Brunel University, and an MBA from Cass Business School in London.