Arun Sundar

Chairman, Asia Analytics Alliance - ACCA, Chief Strategy Officer, TrustSphere at Asia Analytics Alliance - A special interest group of Asia Cloud Computing Association

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Arun Sundar is one of the eminent thinkers in the emerging technologies space in Asia Pacific. Arun has built, led and advised emerging technology businesses across the globe. Arun was one of the key management team members who established the category of ‘Relationship Analytics’ globally as part of the current venture TrustSphere where he is their Chief Strategy Officer. Arun is the Chairman of Asia Analytics Alliance, a special interest group of Asia Cloud Computing Association where he lead the oft-referred and first of its kind study in APAC on the supply and demand gap for big data analytics in Asia Pacific. One of his interest and passion is in understanding the disruptive technology eco-systems across the world and cross pollinate learning b/e East and West. Arun is a regular speaker, writer and opinion leader in the IT market place in APAC, US and Middle East.