Alex Chan

CEO at Babbobox



Alex recently launched the World’s FIRST Video-Search-as-a-Service (VSaaS) on his VideoSpace (www.videospace.co) platform where users can search videos for speech, text, motion, face, emotion and offensive content.

He is currently the CEO of Babbobox (www.babbobox.com), which is positioned to be the Next Generation of Intelligent Enterprise Storage. It is coupled with Babbobox Search, one of the world’s Most Advanced Search Engine – where it uses a combination of Speech Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Video OCR, Enterprise Search Engine technologies to index and search over 60 digital formats. Making it the World’s FIRST Unified Search Engine with the ability to “Search Everything” (All format of Videos, Audio, Images and Documents).

Besides being a tech veteran for over 20 years, Alex is also a bestselling author with 4 books under his belt. In his spare capacity, he mentors to various NGOs under UNWomen.