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On-demand Webinar: Simplify your multi cloud and hybrid cloud

Written by Sun 12 Jul 2020

Techerati Academy’s latest cloud webinar is available for on-demand viewing

With a now highly distributed workforce, many companies are transforming to support new working practices and their people. This has led to a surge of multi-and hybrid cloud adoption. The challenge is how to operate these effectively.

This webinar will explore how tech and IT leaders can manage these new technologies as well as balance the requirements for security, flexibility, reliability and scale? How can they keep an eye on the costs or is this a concern for another day? This webinar will tackle these questions as well as:


  • How to leverage the cloud as part of your business strategy?
  • Tactics to simplify how we consume and use cloud technologies
  • New considerations for selecting a cloud application and avoiding lock-ins
  • Where does cloud-native have a role to play?
  • What metrics are currently relevant to measure the capability of our cloud suite?

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Written by Sun 12 Jul 2020

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