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Navigate the Pandemic with Techerati Academy’s Debut Digital Event Series

Written by Tue 28 Apr 2020

CloserStill Media announces debut Techerati Academy webinar series to answer to burning questions being asked by organisations across the technology landscape

The technology team at CloserStill Media, organisers of Cloud Expo Europe, Data Centre World, and Techerati, has been hard at work conceiving an exclusive digital event series that helps and inspires organisations throughout these uncertain and extraordinary times.

There is no shortage of online learning opportunities in the tech space today. Many of which we ourselves have enjoyed and learned from. It was important to us that we didn’t just tackle the current challenges, but addressed the many opportunities, too.

After several productive conversations with our partners, we designed a 6-week programme that will answer burning questions being asked by organisations across the technology landscape.

The series will provide guidance on appraising current tech investments, help CISOs devise a Covid-19 exit strategy, and explore how businesses can harness data to forecast with precision.

The first of six webinars is available to register for now. All webinar recordings, as well as show recordings from this year’s Cloud Expo Europe, will be hosted on our soon-be-launched educational archive, the Techerati Academy. Stay tuned for more information.

All webinars are taking place on Tuesdays at 2PM BST unless otherwise stated.

5 May –  “Is Covid-19 Accelerating the Future?”  – Register Now

From remote working, meetings and cloud-powered tools, Covid-19 is transforming how organisations deploy technology to interact, operate and survive. But has it given companies a slice of the future?

We’ll discuss from an organisation’s perspective whether the future is being brought into the present:

    • The future of work: Is this the new norm or will organisations regress right back to ‘normal’?
    • Which industries have ramped up investment and why?
    • How can you harness your new cloud tools to accelerate ahead of the competition?

Remaining Agenda (last updated 28 April 2020)

  • 12 May – Pause, Rewind or Accelerate? A Practical Guide to Appraising 2020 Tech Investment
  • 19 May – CISOs: What’s Your Covid-19 Exit Strategy?
  • 26 May – Using Data to Forecast With Precision
  • 02 June – Future-Proofing Critical Infrastructure Resiliency
  • 09 June – Technology’s Role in The UK’s Economic Recovery

Written by Tue 28 Apr 2020

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