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ZenBit Tech is a full-service supplier of mobile applications, websites, software, systems architecture, Internet of Things (IoT), our company is focused on developing all kinds of software solutions that effectively perform the design, development, and integration of complex technologies.

ZenBit Tech acts as a single point of contact for end-to-end delivery:

– Backend development
– Web app development
– Cross-platform app development
– React JS development
– Node JS development
– React Native development
– Dedicated team
– CTO as service
– Discovery phase service

Also, our specialists have extensive experience in the development of healthcare solutions, taking into account all the nuances and pitfalls of this industry:

– Custom medical app development
– Development of telemedicine solutions
– Healthcare Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and system integration
– Patient care and monitoring solutions development
– EHR&EMR solutions development
– Cybersecurity in healthcare
– Healthcare data analytics systems development
– Development of VR in healthcare solutions
– Healthcare software testing
– Development and integration of cloud-based solutions for Healthcare organisations