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Dedicated Private Cloud

Dedicated Cloud is a single-tenant, physically isolated IaaS platform with a dedicated cloud management stack. Dedicated Cloud is your own private cloud instance. Dedicated Cloud offers additional flexibility because you can assign resources to separate virtual dedicated clouds, each with individual user access controls. Dedicated Cloud includes compute resource reservation control—the entire compute and memory allocation is reserved and can be allocated or over-committed as you desire.

Virtual Private Cloud

Virtual Private Cloud is a multi-tenant, logically isolated core compute service that lives on shared infrastructure. Virtual Private Cloud includes fully private networking, high availability, 10GHz vCPU, 20GB of vRAM compute, and 2TB of storage. It is based on the same design architecture as Dedicated Cloud.

Virtual Private Cloud is a cost-effective solution that is ideal if you want to expand your presence into the public cloud instead of expanding your onsite infrastructure. With its pool of highly available compute, storage, and networking resources, Virtual Private Cloud fits well in scenarios involving variable or bursting workloads, test and development.

Hybrid Cloud

Seamlessly extend your vXtream hosted VMWare powered data center into vCloud Air. The Hybrid Cloud Manager offers hybrid networking and bi-directional workload migration capabilities with zero application changes, simplifying on and off-premises resource integration and management of workloads.