Velostrata, 20 N San Mateo Drive, Suite 4
San Mateo, California, 94401, US


Velostrata is the cloud workload mobility company. Velostrata software makes it possible for enterprises to build a dynamic, multi-vendor hybrid cloud so IT managers can move workloads from on-premises data centers to and from public cloud in minutes. With Velostrata, organizations can take advantage of public cloud as a true extension of their datacenter: applications include capacity on demand, accelerated dev/test and full migration.

Velostrata’s patent-pending technology decouples compute from storage and makes it possible to move workloads to and between clouds without re-writing applications, modifying images, degrading application performance, or changing management processes—all at the click of a button. With Velostrata software, moving applications to and from the public cloud becomes simple, fast, cost–effective, and low risk.[readmore]


Ben Hagai

Chief Architect